Wednesday, 26 November 2014

When squeaks and creaks actually matter to a HOH

The creaks and squeaks of my floor actually don't annoy me. They are a constant reminder that I can actually hear these seemingly trivial sounds.

My girl loves our squeaky hardwood floors!

From my perspective, trivial sounds are God's way of letting you know that your hearing is just fine - and that you've been blessed with a wonderful gift. So, to those who have perfectly normal hearing, and those who use assistive devices:

The next time you hear the creaking or a squeaking of the floor, be thankful.

The next time you hear a horn honk, be grateful.

The next time you hear the music blaring while you're trying to read a book, be content.

The next time you hear the clickety-clack of spiky high heeled shoes running across the pavement, be cheerful.

The next time you hear your spouse snoring, be happy.

The next time you hear a car alarm, be sure it isn't your car.

The next time you hear a child yammering away, embrace it - for two reasons: that you can hear your child, and that your child can speak.

The next time you.... for whatever reason it might be, wholeheartedly accept your situation and seek proactivity whenever possible.

Enjoy the squeaks and snores! For one day they may be gone, and you'll miss them.

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