Monday, 21 March 2016

The HOH mommy goes to work

Is it such a bad thing that I'm excited to be back at work?  Even if it's just for a few hours a week, with my primary office located within my home, and occasional travel? A month ago I went for my first training session in Vancouver, and I'll tell you this: never have I gone on the ferry feeling so relaxed! Only when you live with a toddler that you come to this realization.

Fortunately for me, my parents (and husband!) gave me the gift of one full day to myself on the mainland. I haven't done anything on my own in Vancouver since 2012, which is when we moved to the Island. Each time we take the ferry over, there's no time to visit old favorite restaurants, Chinese grocery stores (in Richmond, which is basically where a large number of Asians live), or even to Metrotown,  the largest mall west of Edmonton.  Ahh. Bliss. This opportunity might not come again for another 5 years.  Maybe less (that's wishful thinking). 
This literally would be my version of heaven. Honestly!

On going back to work
I'm thrilled at the prospect of meeting new people, learning more about early intervention programs for children ages 0 to 5 identified with a hearing loss, and most of all, having a little something just for me. Admittedly that sounds selfish. But the way I look at it, it is healthy for me. As an individual, I've always liked to work - to have that mental and physical stimulation.  Sure, making some extra cash on the side is a bonus, and contributes to our early retirement plan.

On seeing old (and new) friends
During this trip, I also had the opportunity to spend some QT with friends. It felt strange to be out and about like a single person again. Doing what I wanted to do, and WHEN I wanted to do it. It was also a wonderful surprise to bump into an old classmate at Church (and with his new little family at that too!). Having round the clock adult conversations really does wonders for the soul. I love spending time with my daughter, but this weekend made me realize how much my thoughts revolve around being a mom. No complaints there, it was just interesting to have that self-reflection! (and also to realize that it didn't take much for me to feel completely wiped out by 9:30pm)

In case you were wondering, even Hard of Hearing People love to socialize just like anyone else. (you'd be surprised how many people don't realize this...)

On shopping alone
Joy. Joy. Joy. I actually hit THREE major shopping locations in the span of 4 hours. The first stop was to Richmond's Aberdeen Centre, where I promptly had a full-on authentic Hong Kong Cafe Style lunch, complete with iced milk tea. Shortly after I did some 'Asian' shopping, which equals looking for handy stuff to use around the house for under $2. (I purchased baskets for my daughter's bath time toys and a bunch of other containers to store stuff for the new baby). Next was IKEA. That was a quick, but pleasant 25 minute stop. Then, the mother of all shopping centers: Metrotown. At this point my feet were aching, but that didn't deter me from hitting all the shops that I planned on going to (note: I actually had a Metrotrown strike plan created in advance!). 

On having a hotel room all to myself (2 nights!)
WHOAAAA. That is all. I actually accomplished the following:

-Eating breakfast in peace
-Finishing my coffee (keurig!) while it's still hot
-Sleeping through the night
-Taking however long I want in the shower

On food
Anyone who hasn't visited Vancouver doesn't know what they're missing out when it comes to food. O...M...G... I even purchased a dozen curry puffs, extra black bean sesame balls and a Japanese nut mix just to take home! 
The damage from Dim Sum. (I had help from some dear friends... even I'm not that gluttonous!)

Update: turns out I'll have one more unexpected opportunity (but much shorter) like this coming up in two weeks' time!

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