Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Baby Monitor Upgrade!

Yay! We finally upgraded our latest baby monitor.

In case you didn't know, we had the Foscam 8910 system setup for our first, Rachel. The system worked awesome, especially once we figured out the proper sensitivity/squelch levels. I even wrote about it on this blog, read it here.

With our second, we opted to use the same set up that we started nearly three years ago. Unfortunately for us, the camera got fried when we took it with us on our recent road trip. Fortunately, when we got home my parents had a spare camera for us- they use the same system for when our threenager naps at their place.

Initially, we thought we would purchase the same camera as before - my husband even checked Foscam's website and they were no longer providing customer support in the event of camera malfunction. So without further ado, that led to the hunt for a new camera. 

Meet Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW! A bit of a long name, I admit, but let's call it Hikvision for short. It's an indoor wifi cube camera. Now, I'm not a technology expert (leave that to my computer savvy husband), but I can say that the video quality is a thousand times better, a wider field of vision, and the compatability with the TinyCam app on my phone works amazing. Another bonus, it looks super sleek.

I even love the colors!

The original price tag was more than what we'd wanted to pay, but we got it on sale for $150 from Amazon. Heck. 90% of all our shopping aside from groceries is done online these days.

Our bub is sleeping well in her crib!

A better camera/baby monitor system in place = more sleep for this mama! (and peace of mind)

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