Monday, 27 July 2015

How to Score Free Movie Tickets (kind of)!

This is an exciting post for me to share with you all, how to score free movie tickets - sort of. If you're hard of hearing, d/Deaf or late-deafened, you've probably heard of CaptiView. In most, though not all, movie theaters across North America, people with a hearing loss make use of the CaptiView technology to watch movies just like anyone else. Heck, we like cinema popcorn and big loud booming sounds too! (and besides, I like having some adult time after spending all day with a toddler)

In case you don't know, CaptiView is closed captioning (CC) for the movie theater. Because most 'hearing' people don't like to see CC on the big screen, we have this technology available instead. CaptiView looks like this:

And when using it, (you don't get the USB key - that's just for the theater to use) we can pretty much follow any dialogue. Before the movie starts, we are told which auditorium to connect to, yay for Wi-Fi!

See how nicely the CaptiView fits into the cupholder? Now, I have to just hog the other cupholder next to me so that I have a place to put my drink. (My drink of choice is usually iced tea)

CaptiView is pretty awesome in this respect, allowing us with hearing difficulties to participate more fully. However, I can attest to several occasions where we've managed to make CaptiView an even MORE awesome benefit. As many of you know, the husband and I both have a hearing loss, and rightfully so we ask for TWO CaptiView screens (most theaters have maybe 5 or 6, if we're lucky) once we've paid for our tickets. Hang in there with me, you might have to pay ONCE for several movies, if you're super lucky.

Before each screening, the CaptiView should be charged and ready to go. Well, in each successive time we've been to the theater, at LEAST one CaptiView ends up showing as "low battery". For that, we promptly return the technology to guest services and request another one (surprise surprise, the remaining CaptiViews are all either dead or being used in a different auditorium). The result? A courtesy pass to watch another movie! We end up using one CaptiView between the two of us, makes for a nice snuggly movie date. 

To date, we have FOUR courtesy passes waiting for us to use! (Three of them are a fluke - hubby went to see a movie with two other HOH guys and all THREE CaptiViews were busted!!!).

The moral of the story? Make sure you go to the movie with at least one other HOH (or someone who's interested in using it), and if one CaptiView is bust, at least the two of you can share one and score a courtesy pass.

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