Tuesday, 21 July 2015

On turning 30...

Well, well this is it. The fifth actual draft I put together for this post. Dagnabbit, this was harder than I expected it to be. It is going to be a bittersweet write up.

Suffice to say, my dirty thirties arrived a few days ago.

Goodbye 20's. It was an incredible ride. I started out my 20s not really knowing myself. I can't truly say I know who I AM, but let's just say that I've learned a few lessons along the way. Let me paint a general picture for you, as the hard of hearing girl who eventually became the hard of hearing mommy. (attention parents of hard of hearing children: your kids will turn out just FINE).

Age 20
I'm going to University, and had no idea what the heck I was doing or what I liked to do. Basically going through the motions. I am a clueless person. No romantic interest in sight. A couple of one week crushes, but that's about it. Living with mom and dad (and that included traveling on their dime!). My job at this time was at the wonderful land of Costco, as a packer/cart gatherer/clothing folder/gopher.

Ages 21 - 23 
Ok, I kind of like University. It's alright, but I'd rather be studying than working. Decide to apply for a 4 month co-op in Ottawa in the *gasp* height of winter to the dismay of my  parents. Plan trip to Europe with friends. Volunteer myself to different organizations like crazy because I have all this extra time on my hands (I preferred to stay in than to go partying each day). Meet future husband (we started out as friends). Go to Europe. Learn that I need to pick better travel partners in the future. Recession hits. An important person to me has a life-threatening diagnosis. Decide to stay in school for Honours Program. Graduate.

Ages 24 - 26 
Decide that I actually do like my University program after all and go for my Masters. Get scholarship. Start dating my future husband. Work in a research lab. Get engaged (yep, this happened faster than I anticipated). An important person to me passes away. An important person to me lands in the hospital 2 weeks later. Finish thesis dissertation.  Land a job (by luck). Graduate again. Get Married. Move out of the house. Actually worry for the first time about staying on budget as I never had one.

Ages 27- 28  
Still getting used to the idea of being married. Husband gets laid off from job. Miscarriage shortly after. Find out we have three days to decide to move for husband's new job. Decide. Move. Find out we're expecting again. My job contract ends. Panic ensues. Buy a house in lieu of a trip. Baby arrives. More panic ensues. 

Last Year of my 20's 
Decide that I'm going to lose weight (23 Lbs down wahooooo), be happy, and look for a job. So far two (weight and happiness) of the three goals accomplished (that's OK). Learned how to cook healthy. Finally got around to clearing the medicine cabinet.

Hello 30!
I wonder what this next decade will bring me. I will be honest, I am not sure what to make of this decade. Does it mean that people will finally see me as an adult, and not a kid? More kids in the picture, perhaps? My oh my, what adventures will come? One definite goal that I have set for myself this coming year is actually lifestyle based. Inspired by the personal finance blogs by the anonymous Mr. Money Mustache* and Cait Flander's Blonde on a Budget*; I'm going to live a more minimalist lifestyle - spending only on necessities, that includes:

-Clearing out my fridge/freezer/pantry first before I buy anything.
-Switching to cloth towels for cleaning my house.
-No unnecessary clothes shopping this year. The exception would be a new swimsuit because mine is currently WAY too big for me now. I had a recent unfortunate episode where my bottoms wouldn't stay up, even when I stuck my belly out.
-Think before I buy. Every. Single. Time.
-Declutter, declutter, declutter.
-Enjoy the simple life.
Oh totally, who could resist this cutie?? (Me). Time to dance and live simply!
 *Personal disclaimer: I love these blogs. They're both written for the average person who possesses little to no financial training. Great tips. Excellent humour. Boom!

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