Monday, 18 January 2016

The HOH Mommy has exciting news!

Turns out, 2016 is bringing many blessings to my little household! So far, we have four big, wonderful announcements:

1) A number of you already know that we are expecting baby #2 in early June, and yes I'm thankful that the first trimester is over - so far, so good at 20 weeks currently!
The baby bump grows! (The middle photo is from Maui *wink*)

2) Hubby got a job promotion! I am incredibly proud of him and will do my best to support him in whatever way I can.

3) Our little girl is finally potty trained! (not quite yet at nighttime... but that will come eventually). Very glad not to be changing poopy diapers for at least 5 months. 

and finally *drumroll* ...

4) After a 15 month-long dedicated job search, I have finally gained a meaningful position with the Provincial Health Services Authority's BC Early Hearing ProgramThis part-time position will allow me to continue my full-time stay at home mommy status (yahoo!) while being able to continue my professional work on the side. This is super exciting for me as I was worried I'd have to 're-start' my career once the kids are in school. The idea of having to go back and do more schooling did not appeal to me.

For those interested, I'll be a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Guide (under the Guide by your Side program) for families with newborns or small children recently diagnosed with a hearing loss. My general role would be to answer whatever questions or concerns parents might have, to act as a link for those who do not have direct contact with service providers, providing timely information/resources and liaising with various deaf and hard of hearing parent groups in British Columbia. I hope anyone who knows of anyone needing this service will be able to pass on this knowledge.

It is a far cry from my Criminology degree. However, I think it's a great match given that one of my personal aspiration is to be a part of the collaborative effort to educate and support those new to managing hearing loss. It also doesn't hurt that I can do the majority of my work from home :)

Thank you to all who have seen me through the tears and frustration with my job search. God certainly has answered my prayers and granted me more than I could ever wish for!

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