Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Fighting the Exhaustion

Any mom will know how exhausting it is running after a toddler. Answering their 1,000 questions, and the perpetual 'MOMMMMYYYYYYYY' quips on a daily basis. I love it. There are moments when I crave absolute silence or privacy. There are moments when I'm totally digging the loudness (or excitement) when reading a new book, the cuddles, and the scratch-your-head moments when your 2 year old starts crying for absolutely no reason.

With No.2 on the way, I find myself more exhausted than usual. Often due to middle of the night wake-ups due to kicks in the crotch, a postnasal drip, or just plain anxiety over the idea that I'm going to have two children to speech read...It's exhausting enough trying to figure out what my daughter says sometimes! (Though she's pretty good at looking at me when communicating)

I remember fondly thinking how freaked out I was when we first found out we were expecting. All challenges have been surpassed. We figured out how to wake up at night. We figured out how to teach our girl to face us when talking. We figured out a bunch of other nitty gritty things, potty training included. So, perhaps my anxiety is already unfounded.

Speaking of exhaustion, I thought it would be appropriate to write up a list given my recent obsession with all things baking on how to cure it whilst being pregnant AND a hard of hearing parent:

Ingredients and use:
A deep breath - instant relief. Sends much needed oxygen to the body and brain.

A good sense of humour - shit happens. Find comedy in it if feasible.

No hearing assistive/electronic devices - you'd be surprised what 5 minutes in pure, utter silence can do for the mind, body and soul. Practice when safe to do so.

A pair of walking shoes - If silence isn't your thing, then bonding with nature can help in as little as 10 minutes.
Source: Pexels.com

Your everyday household cleaning supplies - If bonding with nature doesn't excite you, then set your mind to a task that is monotonous for 15-20 minutes. (At this point I'd just 
turn on a 20 minute TV show to occupy my daughter) Be sure to combine with no hearing assistive devices.

A pair of strong hands - Get your husband/partner/RMT to get those knots out.

Write - obviously this helps me in managing with the moments of exhaustion - I just can't nap everyday...

Honey - Make sure this is pasteurized. Take a spoonful, put it under your tongue just before you go to bed. I swear it relaxes me faster than anything else.
Source: Wikimedia

Pillows, pillows, pillows! - Necessary in order to survive sleeping through the night with a belly that is starting to make me look like a beluga.

Hawkins Cheezies or anything that qualifies as instant comfort food - LAST RESORT!!! I keep a bag of chips in my pantry just in case... haven't touched it in 3 weeks, a record!

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