Tuesday, 12 July 2016

One month and two poops later

Two days ago marked one month since Baby #2's arrival! (I had planned to post yesterday, but had to deal with two poonamis)

We welcomed a new little princess, Sarah - it's been nothing but a time of joy and grabbing sleep whenever possible for us. 
Family is everything (10 day old baby girl here)
Some highlights leading up to the big event:
  • 2 weeks of prodromal labour: This all started when my husband went to Winnipeg for a conference when I was 38 weeks along. Labour literally started, getting more intense, and then stopping for 2 solid weeks. It was a time of uncertainty and anxiety.
  • Attempting a VBAC: Since my first was a C-section, I wasn't allowed to pursue any other forms of induction for fear of uterine rupture. Most of my days in the 3rd trimester were spent being as active as possible to eating whatever the heck I wanted to eat (Chips! Ice cream! Cake!)
  • Pushing back my 'backup' c-section date. We had a date in mind (June 6), then my midwife encouraged me to push the date to give my body more time to go into natural labour.
  • Taking this photo: pretty much the last shot of me pregnant with Sarah. Taken only 5 hours prior to meeting the newest addition!
    Photo taken at 5:57am - just before heading to the hospital

If you guessed right, I didn't get my VBAC, but the C-section experience was amazing regardless. This time I was acutely aware of everything happening around me, and I even HEARD Sarah's first cries! Definitely a very emotional moment for me. With Rachel, I was pretty much out of it the entire time as it was an emergency c-section. Being able to request that I wear my Cochlear Implant during the procedure was really important to me - and I'm very thankful that my midwives and medical team supported that need. Though, I have to mention that when getting my spinal tap, it was the weirdest feeling not being able to feel my lower parts and yet hear all the things that were going on down there (there's a veil covering the bloody scene).

In the recovery room!
The only negative experience that I had whilst in hospital was not being able to utilize my baby monitor system (no wifi available!), and had to ask my mom to stay overnight with me to act as my ears. Mom: thank you so much for sacrificing three long nights to help. It was tiring, I know it.

Given our hearing loss, we were also anxious to find out if Sarah would pass her newborn hearing screening test, provided at all hospitals in BC shortly after birth (approx 97% of all newborns are screened in BC). She passed! It was pretty neat to see her getting tested - though we had no concerns as our first does not have any hearing loss.  

Aside from the usual baby/toddler isms, what have I learned about having two children as the hard of hearing mommy in the last month?
  1. I'm less worried that I can't hear the baby's cries, partly because my toddler's whines drown them out.
  2. Breastfeeding while running up and down the stairs becomes the new norm - especially when your 2 year old calls you to 'wipe her bum'  (how is this related? I have to make sure I actually listen from afar rather than sitting with her until potty time is done). Gone are the days of 'peaceful' feeds.
  3. My baby monitor didn't go off for the first week or so! BECAUSE my baby's cries are so soft compared to my 1st. Jeez. Thankfully babies are very forgiving.
  4. We took away the baby monitor from our toddler's room. We've had to train her to come and get us when she has a "problem". Not spending another $200 unless we need to (ok, this might be more us being frugal than anything...).
  5. Babywearing is AWESOME. I can be doing all kinds of things (including sitting at my computer right this moment to write) and still have a close eye on my babe. Should have done it with my 1st! Best $40 I've ever spent.
  6. Night feedings is my favorite bonding time with Sarah - and because I don't have my cochlear implant on, I can pretty much fall asleep straightaway. 
Thanks to everyone who wrote lovely messages of support and love! I hope to write more in the days to come as we settle into some kind of routine... which will change continuously forever. ;)

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