Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Comedy Routines

There are many wonderful moments when raising my two daughters. Far too many to count. I'm incredibly grateful.

Even with that, I do get a few disappointing moments.

I recently had to ask my mom what my daughter said, all because I couldn't see her lips. Because of her really, really loud voice, it's sometimes hard for me to pick out what she says. My hearing isn't good enough for me to make out what she says without having her facing me.

That sucks.

I know my 3 year old is a lovely character, and I try not to miss out anything. But there are occasional moments when I do miss the cute things she says. Like the time when she was pretending to be the Wicked Witch, turning the princess into a frog when my aunt and uncle were here at the end of February.

While anyone else would be understanding of that situation, as a mommy, it feels a little bit of a sad point. I know I'll miss some (but not all) things. 

It could be a lot worse, I agree!

Then, this morning during breakfast my husband mentioned that Jeff Dunham (a comedic ventriloquist) had a new routine, and was coming to town this month! See the following link for one of his most famous routines. We're big fans of Jeff Dunham because he can take on multiple personas all the while not even moving his lips. Trust me, we've tried to lipread him!
Fans since 2011!

Unfortunately as hard of hearing people, it would be near impossible for us to follow his routine. Even though in quiet settings, we can hear what is being said - but in a theatre full of people laughing, it's easy to miss out on the punch line. We like the theatre, and have been to several shows, such as It's a Wonderful Life; The Lion King; The Wizard of Oz; and more. It's easier for us to attend shows where we have background knowledge of, rather than going to a show where we've got no clue as to what to expect.

Cues are important to hard of hearing people! It helps us put our brains and listening in the right context! Unclear context = a scrambled message.

Thankfully most comedy routines are video taped and captioned very well. It would be a pain to drag a captionist (or a palantypist) to a comedy routine! To add to that: we'd have to shell out a minimum of $100 per person to see the live show.

All I can say is thank God we have captioning so we can enjoy jokes. What would life be like if we were never exposed to humour?

This happened at our wedding! (Thanks to an auntie who snapped this at the appropriate time)

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