Monday, 13 March 2017

So this is what I've purged...

  • Cleaning up an inbox that had 5300+ emails.
  • Finally downloading 1000+ photos to my PC from my phone (so I guess that means I have to sort through nearly 10 years worth of photos)
  • Getting rid of 85% of all my cookbooks! Nowadays, I find most online.
Those are all the cookbooks I have left! (Whittled down from 47)
  • My old university books = somehow I don't think my Criminal Code of Canada 2007 version will make the cut at the library.
  • A lamp, curtain rod, curtain panels, tables and a funky swivel chair. Oh, and an ice crusher.
  • Giving away clothes that don't fit me anymore (6 bags! Unbelievable!)
  • Donating gently used baby clothes to those in need.
    All this. Gone.
    Other things that are still a Work in Progress:
  • My husband's DVD collection
  • Numerous photo frames that are currently collecting dust
  • My old FM systems (those with a hearing loss will know what this is) = can anyone suggest a donation avenue for this?? 
  • Too many uncomfortable pillows that we don't use. Do I 'donate' or 'trash'??? (it seems like an injustice to donate pillows that don't even provide comfort!)
  • More stuff that I'm surprised I don't even use.
How's your purge going? I've barely made a dent!!! (but have reclaimed a significant amount of square footage)

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