Thursday, 26 April 2018


Something really funny happened tonight.

And I just have to share.

We are sitting down, eating a nice dinner - chicken cordon bleu, I might add. Then, my near 2 year old has this 'lift-off' body movement.

I have no idea if this video will work - but it's pretty much summarized in this post

My husband, who sits next to her, is in a fit of laughter.

I look at him, and ask - what's so funny? I don't get it!

C: You didn't see that?

Me: See what?

C: That 'lift-off' movement from Sarah? 

M: Yeah sure, I did. But what gives?

C: You didn't hear that?

M: No. What was the sound?

C: She farted! It wasn't even quiet!

Then Sarah quips and goes: "I faaaarted!"


Ah... sometimes it's better to not know when actual events are taking place. #hardofhearingmommyproblems

Photo credit: Pinterest

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