Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mops and Hearing Loss

Do you know what my biggest pet peeve is about my vacuum cleaner?

It is LOUD!!!

Okay, okay. I probably shouldn't complain about actually being able to hear - hard of hearing mommy here. Arguably, from mother to mother, naptimes/bedtimes are the PRIME time to get anything done/clean/accomplished.  

My attempt at a selfie with my newest friend

This happens. Before Mop: "NOOOOO!!!' After Mop: "Oooh! I get to use my mop!"
Also, I am always actively listening to my kids and that can get exhausting. My brain can only take so much noise each day. Sometimes I will take off my hearing assistive devices just to be able to concentrate on what needs to get done.

Peace, quiet and a clean house are three things that I crave the most ever since becoming a parent.

The Norwex Mop has been the answer to that call for my floors, which are constantly getting dirty. (read: I do NOT like having dirty floors!!!)

Even my kids find dry mopping fun! At 1.4lbs it's easy for my 22 month old to manage!
It is peaceful - cleaning has been my 'go to' calming activity. I can't get over how much dust there is in my house after only a few days.  

It is quiet - I don't need to haul out a bulky, noisy vacuum cleaner and steam mop to get my hardwood floors into tip top shape. Truth is, my floors didn't get wet-mopped for FIVE years (you read that right!!!) because I was too scared of ruining my hardwood with excessive water or abrasive chemicals. 

It is giving me a clean house - no more footprints and no more milk puddles to clean up on my hands and knees! Just get my mop and soak up the mess without even bending down. PLUS, I can finally dust my walls without going on a ladder! #shortpeopleproblems

Using the wet mop pad!!! Look at how clean my floors FINALLY are. Minimal water usage!

I can even reach the walls with the dry mop pad to remove dust and cobwebs!
All I can say is, thank heavens for the mop. Contact your nearest Norwex consultant to find out the details of The Mop. I know at least one Norwex consultant offering a special deal for the month of April, and also hear that April is... Mop month! 

Other notable features:
- No more lugging up my big heavy vacuum cleaner each week (maybe just twice a month now to do my carpets).
-No more swiffer pads. Eek. Can't imagine how much I've spent in refills!
-No more chemicals for this mama who suffered chemical induced asthma fits.
-The Wet mop pad actually PICKS UP the mess instead of spreading it around (my problem before)
-The height of the mop is easily adjustable to allow for access to even the most hard to reach areas, or if you have kids who want to help.
-Wet mopping with this mop = my floors are dry in no time... which means I can even do wet mopping with kids around!!!
-The mop is ridiculously light (1.4lbs!), and easy to store. 
-Most importantly: the mop is QUIET.

Disclaimer: I am not a Norwex Consultant, even though several people have told me that I should be... I cannot take the plunge! If you need recommendations for a consultant, I have a few to refer to. Also, I didn't receive any free stuff for this post, but if anyone would like to give me more free Norwex stuff, my happiness level will go up :)

PS - Special thanks to my awesome mom and dad for getting this for me!!!